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Opened in 1926, Knoebels Amusement Resort is a family owned amusement park, picnic grove and campground with more than fifty rides including two wooden roller coasters, the 1913 Grand Carousel featuring sixty three hand-carved horses, and a haunted house dark ride that has been featured on the Discovery Channel. The park has won awards from all kinds of organizations like American Coaster Enthusiasts and The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. Knoebels has also won the Amusement Today Golden Ticket award for best amusement park food each year since 1999. With a wide variety of both sit-down and counter service dining options there is something here for everyone. The park’s Cesari’s Pizza as well as the International Food Court have even been featured on a Food Network special. You can even get unique items like a pickle on a stick, cheese on a stick and caramel apple chips.

One of Knoebels most popular attractions are its wooden roller coasters, the Twister and the Phoenix. The Phoenix, built in 1947, was originally located in San Antonio until it was purchased by Knoebels in the mid-80’s. It gives you a fast ride with lots of airtime; it has consistently been ranked around #4 for Best Wooden Coaster by Amusement Today during their annual awards. The Twister is based on a famous “Mister Twister” 1964 wooden coaster design that was modified to fit the space constraints the park faced. One of its most unique features is the zig-zag lift in which the train climbs halfway up the structure, makes a 180 degree turn and finishes the climb on the second lift. The parks newest in house project is a recreation of a classic 1920’s wooden roller coaster design and is expected to open for summer 2010. The park has a variety of other attractions that will thrill and entertain guests throughout their visit. You can check out the view from 110 above the park in the Giant Wheel which gives you a relaxing ride in a comfy gondola. The Old Smokey Train is another pleasant ride that takes you along the edge of the park as you’re pulled by an authentic steam engine. Guests can learn all about Bald Eagles at Knoebels Bald Eagle Habitat or even play a round of 18 holes at their mini golf course.

With twenty kiddie rides throughout the park, the children will definitely be in for a wonderful day of fun and excitement. They can enjoy their first driving experience on the Cub Cars, low-speed electric “go-carts” or the Kiddie Bumper Cars, a miniaturized version of Knoebels world renowned Skooter Bumper Cars ride. They can also enjoy the S&G Merry-Go-Round, a smaller antique wooden carousel or the Kiddie Wheel, a miniature version of Knoebels Giant Wheel. The park provides guests with free admission, free parking and free entertainment. To ride the park’s attractions visitors can purchase an all day unlimited wristband, limited access hand stamps or books of tickets. Individual ride prices range from $0.75 to $5, all day passes do not include the Haunted Mansion ($1.50), Scenic Skyway ($3.00), Crystal Pool ($11-$14 swim & slide all day) and the wooden roller coasters ($2.25 each) which all require an extra fee. With a great mix of awesome food, kiddie rides, thrill rides, family rides and other attractions, Knoebels is a sure fire entertaining way to spend the day with family and friends.

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