5 Great Beer Festivals in Europe

//5 Great Beer Festivals in Europe

5 Great Beer Festivals in Europe

Just about everyone has heard of the world famous Oktoberfest held every year in the German city of Munich. Lasting for as long as 18 days, the city is packed full of people spending great amounts of money on beer. Another major beer festival in Germany is the Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart. However, if you enjoy trying out a wide variety of different beers while partaking in lively festivities, there are still plenty of other options aside from these most famous ones. Here are 5 lesser known but still awesome beer festivals in Europe.

5) The Belgrade Beer Festival :: Belgrade, Serbia

Held every August, the Belgrade Beer Festival is rapidly becoming more popular. It attracted around a million people in 2011. It is held in a neighbourhood called Ušće Park, overlooking the Danube River. The event lasts for four to five days and showcases beer from producers around the world as well as local ones including those produced by microbreweries. There is live music every evening and plenty of other activities to partake in throughout the day and night.

4) Pilsner Fest :: Plzeň, Czech Republic

Czech Republic is famous around the world for its beer and it is also home to a great number of beer festivals which are held annually throughout the summer. While there generally isn’t a great deal for tourists to see and do in the city of Plzeň, the Pilsner Fest has plenty to offer. It is held every August in a small village just outside of the city as well as in the city itself. Lasting two days, it showcases beers from the famous Pilsner Urquell brewery (from Plzeň) as well as many others from around the country. The festival also hosts local bands throughout the event.


3) The Czech Beer Festival :: Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic’s biggest and most famous beer festival is almost enough to rival the Munich Oktoberfest. It lasts seventeen days and is held every May in the magnificent city of Prague. With more than 120 beers to choose from including various foreign brews, there truly is something for everyone! The Czech Beer Festival provides many beer tents with seating for more than 10,000 people. Worth noting is that a special currency is used for purchasing beer and food at the event (rather than the Czech Koruna). You’ll need to purchase “Tolars” which you can then spend there.

2) The Irish Craft Beer Festival :: Dublin, Ireland

The Irish Craft Beer Festival is a five day festival held every March in the Irish capital of Dublin. It is held over the St. Patrick’s Day bank holiday weekend, Ireland’s most well-known national holiday. More than 15,000 people attend the event. The festival offers many great beers from around Ireland and other countries. It is also hosts a wide range of live music performances and other entertainment options for people of all ages. The festival is famous for its artisan food providers as well, making it quite unique in the world of beer festivals.

1) The Great British Beer Festival :: London, UK

By far the biggest beer festival in the UK, The Great British Beer Festival is operated by the Campaign for Real Ale. On offer is an extensive selection of cask ales, many of which are completely unique to Britain. It also presents various other alcoholic drinks from the UK and around the world. Cider and perry are also on offer. The festival is held during the first full week of every August from Tuesday to Saturday. The event’s location changes every year. The 2012 festival is to be held in Olympia.

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