The ‘Before You Go’ Travel Checklist

//The ‘Before You Go’ Travel Checklist

The ‘Before You Go’ Travel Checklist

By EN Jio

The process of heading overseas can be stressful, as it often feels like there are a million things to organize and get done before leaving. It’s not always as easy as quickly packing up and going, particularly if you’re planning a longer vacation or extended holiday. Rather than get frazzled by the daunting number of things you need to do, here’s a way to tick them off a list one by one to make sure that by the time you leave you’re ready, organized and prepared to have the trip of a lifetime!

  • Insurance: While most people are lucky enough to experience no mishaps or bad luck on their travels, there is always the chance that something might go wrong, go missing, or you might fall ill and need medical attention. Rather than risk the financial burden of having to pay for overseas medical treatment or replacing a stolen camera, it’s worth taking out travel insurance which is both easy to obtain and affordable. You’ll also be able to insure yourself against certain dangerous activities you might have plucked up the courage to try while you’re away, such as snowboarding or bungy jumping.
  • Immunization: Before you leave on an overseas trip, check what immunizations are required or recommended in the countries that you are visiting. Many countries in Asia, Africa and South America require certain vaccinations. For example, you won’t be permitted to enter many African countries without a Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • Money in more than one secure place: When traveling, it’s always a good idea to keep your money in more than one place and in more than one form. Consider taking travelers checks, bank cards as well as cash. If one or more goes missing, you won’t be left in the tricky situation of having no money.
  • Passport, ID and tickets: The most important documents to have in order before heading overseas are your passport, another form of ID and your tickets. For international flights or travel you won’t get anywhere without these! The most fundamental of all travel documents – your passport – must be valid for the entirety of your trip, and if it’s about to expire, it can take some time to renew. Make sure you check the validity of your passport at least six months prior to your departure.
  • Chargers and adapters: All countries operate on different electrical voltage levels meaning that your phone or camera charger won’t necessarily fit into the wall sockets at your destination. Check the electrical plug type and the voltage of the countries you’re visiting and pack the appropriate chargers. We recommend this Universal International Travel Power Plug Adapter or the Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug from amazon, both are under $4 and small enough to not impact your packing. Either should help you adapt your electionics to the different outlets you may run across.
  • Medication: Renewing prescriptions overseas can be difficult, so make sure you stock up on any medication you’ll need before you go away. Also many African, Asian and South American countries recommend visitors take anti-Malaria medication with them as they are harder to come by in the local regions. If you’ve got a cheap flight to Vietnam, for example, authorities recommend that you take Malaria tablets while you’re there.
  • Visas: Many countries require visitors to purchase or apply for a visa before entering. Check with appropriate authorities which countries require a visa, and plan accordingly. For those coming from overseas for Australia holidays, for example, visas are usually free but must be applied for before arrival.

Considering the items on this checklist prior to departure for your travels will help make your travel experience smooth and stress-free, and you’ll be on your way to having an unforgettable holiday experience.

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