Wynn Hotel and Casino :: Las Vegas, Nevada

Since opening to the public April 28, 2005, the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has been a premier destination for luxury seekers everywhere. With 2716 guest rooms and suites, 22 signature restaurants, a full service spa, car dealership and exclusive shopping promenade, the Wynn Hotel and Casino has earned a spot as one [...]

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Palacio de Sal :: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Built out of salt blocks, the amazing Palacio de Sal (Palace of Salt to us English folks) is located at the edge of the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. The Salar de Uyuni has long been a popular tourist attraction for travelers around the world. Due to the scarcity of construction materials [...]

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Pelican Hill :: Newport Beach, California

A vacation to the sapphire blue waters of the Mediterranean is often out of reach for the majority of wannabe travelers. Luckily the good ol’ US of A offers a getaway retreat in beautiful southern California that will instantly bring your mind to the gorgeous stretches of the classic European holiday destination. Part of the [...]

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Shanti Maurice :: Mauritius

Most dream vacations start with visions of exotic locales or escaping to several days of golf, tennis, kayaking, massages, and picnics. Well, hidden away on the island oasis of Mauritius is the fantastic spa resort of Shanti Maurice. Designed by architect Jean-Marc Eynaud, designer Chandu Chhada, and landscape architect Bill Bensley, this 32 acre paradise [...]

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Kumbuk River Resort :: Buttala, Sri Lanka

Nestled in a 16 acre oasis in Buttala, Sri Lanka is a truly unique hotel, the Kumbuk River Resort. This unique eco-lodge is known around the world for a large two story primary villa that is built in the shape of an elephant. This amazing eco-friendly destination is located on the edge of Yala, Sri [...]

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Seven Stars Galleria :: Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy is home to the first of three current self proclaimed seven star hotels in the world, the Seven Stars Galleria (also known as the Town House Galleria). Located in the heart of the city, this unique and prestigious luxury hotel provides guests with the highest level of service and is the only hotel [...]

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Mission Inn Hotel and Spa :: Riverside, California

Opened in 1876 as Glenwood Cottage, a twelve room adobe boarding house, continuous renovations and additions have left the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa a glorious masterpiece of Mission Revival architecture. Today the Mission Inn boasts 239 rooms along with a well appointed spa, several restaurants, a museum, a chapel, and even a fantastic boutique. [...]

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Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa :: San Jose, Costa Rica

Less than fifteen minutes from downtown San Jose is an amazing, eclectic family owned boutique hotel that is the perfect starting point to visit all kinds of Costa Rican destinations, the Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa. The hotel was created about fourteen years ago on family owned property utilizing materials from demolished homes in [...]

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