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Everyone knows that a full body massage is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. But have you ever had one on a tropical island? How about under water?‽! Huvafen Fushi offers that and so much more. Located in the Maldives, this private island resort has won numerous awards including Best Design and Best Spa Resort from leading travel magazines. And, with the first and only underwater spa treatment rooms, this is a truly extravagant getaway for the travel savvy. The mantra of LIME spa is “Give us your sore, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free so that we may rub, soothe, soak, heal, treat, pamper and otherwise restore to a blissful state”. For sure they will indulge your every vacation need. Then sleep atop the turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean or set up on land where the warm white sand is your back yard. Regardless of where you book your stay, each of the 43 expertly appointed bungalows has something sweet in store for you.

Huvafen Fushi is geared to make you relax. Their “Beach Bungalows” have huge decks which face the unspoiled lagoon and provide direct beach access. There is little need to leave your little slice of heaven with an espresso machine, private bar, indoor and outdoor day beds, plasma television, fresh water pool, and lots, lots more. The “Deluxe Beach Bungalows” offer the same awesome features, but a lot more living space and private beaches. Each suite is better than the next and none more so than the “Beach Pavilion with Private Pool”. Two bedrooms, floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lagoon, glass flooring in the upstairs master bedroom showing off the private fiber optic lit infinity pool below; this place is a showcase of style. Stepping a bit closer to the water is the “Lagoon Bungalow with Plunge Pool” allowing you to be both on land and at sea all at once with half the unit extending out into the lagoon. On the other side of the island, are the “Ocean Bungalows”. Walk out on your own private pier to this fabulous suite with a glass floored massage room, Jacuzzi tub, infinity pool, and glorious sun bathing deck. Never to be outdone, the “Ocean Pavilion with Private Pool” has all the amenities they could possibly get into a huge and gorgeous bungalow posted gently above the water. You will watch warm golden sunsets every night from your terrace as you swim calm laps across your indoor-outdoor infinity pool. The master bedroom also features an infinity bathtub that fills from a “waterfall” in the ceiling. A second bedroom with private access has its own outdoor deck and each of these spectacular suites comes with 24 hour butler service.

Although obviously your quarters are perfection personified, eventually you’ll probably want to step out to get drink or a bite to eat. Here Huvafen Fushi has you covered with six uniquely catered restaurants and bars. UMbar is the ideal spot to grab a night cap or socialize with other relaxing and romancing couples. Master mixologists serve up designer drinks and simple but satisfying raw cuisine. Fresh juices, community infinity pool, and the Maldivian sea all there for you to savor. For a quick snack in between beach excursions, try Fogliani’s. Nestled under a swath of palm trees, the cool ocean breezes waft over you as you enjoy tasty antipasto or perhaps a wood fired pizza. Vinum wine bar is located underground and is a fantastic little cellar featuring a sensational selection of varietals and vintages. Raw, set out over the water serves fabulously healthy spa fare that is never short on taste. Seafood is king at Salt. Surrounded by the crystal clear ocean waters, this Mediterranean-Asian fusion eatery always has fresh, perfectly prepared fish on the menu. Finally, Celsius is a full service restaurant, great for any meal of the day. Casual and delicious, it’s a sure crowd pleaser.

Clearly, regardless of where you end up on this luxurious and exclusive private island, you are guaranteed to find pristine waters, magnificent vistas, and unbelievable adventures. Perfect for any couple (or group of couples) looking for a romantic retreat where nature and opulence meet, greet, and meld seamlessly.

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Chris Blecha

Chris Blecha is an email marketing specialist who loves to spend his free time gallivanting about the world.

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Chris Blecha

Chris Blecha is an email marketing specialist who loves to spend his free time gallivanting about the world.

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