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In the middle of South Beach’s hot nightlife district, you will find a distinctive and relaxing retreat called B.E.D. This sophisticated, secluded restaurant and lounge boasts large mattresses and mountains of pillows as its designated seating areas. This provides guests not only with a perfect setting for a decadent meal, but also the luxury of seclusion at the pull of a drape. Recently, a VIP booth area located on the south side of the restaurant has created a new component to this innovative space, giving guests who prefer not to lie down during their meal an additional option for seating.

B.E.D. stands for Beverage, Entertainment and Dining. It exemplifies the pinnacle of each of these components through inspired cocktails, a delicious and decadent menu and slow-motion video projections dancing on the walls and dance floor to the sounds of some of Miami’s hottest DJs. At B.E.D. patrons can enjoy eating signature dishes like the Lobster Santos. This is a Caribbean lobster dish spiced with baked pineapples in a coconut ginger sauce. Other specials include beef tenderloin, duck breast with pistachio and pesto couscous, Asian spiced yellowtail snapper, or pan-seared Chilean sea bass.

Mingling and dancing take the place of the traditional dining experience here, so adjust expectations accordingly. When the kitchen closes, the beds are bottle service only and become platforms for dancing. Your best bet is to come in for dinner before the nightlife begins. This way you guarantee yourself entrance into what becomes a very popular local night club. Just remember to take your shoes off before you start dancing at B.E.D.

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  • February 17, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    Bed is a really cool club. I had a great time when I went there last month.

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