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Superdawg :: Chicago, Illinois

January 18, 2010 by  
Category: Nightlife & Dining


May 1948 saw the birth of a Chicago icon. The brainchild of Maurice (Maurie) and Florence (Flaurie) Berman, Superdawg was opened at the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue, Devon Avenue and Nagle Avenue in Chicago and has been drawing rave reviews and large crowds of diners ever since. Though you can’t get a signature Superdawg and a drink for 32¢ any more, you can still taste one of the most delicious culinary concepts ever. Using a secret recipe, Maurie and Flaurie created something entirely new and oh so yummy. Not a hotdog, not a frankfurter, not a red hot, the Superdawg is an all beef sausage based delicacy in a league of its own. Bathed in a savory electric green relish, mustard, and chopped white onions these Kosher Sinai 48 wieners (not the typical Vienna sausages found in the Chicagoland area) redefine great tasting summer treats that warm the stomach and spirit year round.

With their glowing plastic winking twelve foot tall Superdawg icons beckoning passersby from the road, it’s impossible to miss this delightfully kitschy place. The building itself was designed by Maurie in order to have a restaurant that was both unique and modern while still filling its utilitarian purpose, serving up great food. One of the very few original drive in eateries still in existence, Superdawg continues to deliver their meals the same way they did back in the 1940s. Although they “modernized” in the Fifties adding an “Order Matic” electronic speaker system, food is still delivered by means of carhop on a tray that is hooked on to your car door. There is no argument that Superdawg is not traditional and authentic. Arriving at your car with a friendly smile is a fun box loaded to the brim with your Superdawg, french fries, pickle, pickled green tomato, and the introduction to your ‘dawg printed on the outside reading, “Your Superdawg lounges inside contentedly cushioned in Superfries”. The menu has grown since Maurie and Flaurie opened their doors. Along with the Superdawg, you can also get a Whoopskidawg (polish sausage), a Superfish (flakey fried cod fillet), Grilled Cheese (for those vegetarians out there), and even a Superchic (chicken breast filet soaking in their delicious secret sauce). Sides include the unbelievably good Superonionchips and the Superveggies, all lovingly battered and deep fried. Clearly, this is not the place to start counting calories, but one bite and your mouth will thank you for giving your diet a break.

Wash it all down with one of their signature Supersodas (a hard to describe ice cream and soda concoction) or one of their crazy thick shakes (you’ll probably need a spoon on that one). Still family owned and operated Maurie and Flaurie would like to remind you that ketchup is considered an unacceptable condiment here (traditionalists know mustard is the standard when it comes to hotdogs) and requesting it will likely result in some rolled eyes before they begrudgingly “ruin” your meal. Open just in time for lunch every day at 11:00 am they are till there for the late night crowd till 1:00 am weeknights and until 2:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Next time you make your way to Chicago, or if you are one of the lucky locals, make a beeline for the Superdawg drive in. It’s a taste sensation that is incomparable. After delighting your taste buds Superdawg will definitely find a warm spot in your heart.

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