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If there is a place where you would like to have your fill while at Central Park, it has got to be at the world renowned restaurant – Tavern on the Green. This famous Upper West Side, New York City, restaurant draws in large crowds thanks to its delicious cuisine, fabulous location and excellent service. With over half a million visitors a year, Tavern on the Green is the self-described “highest-grossing independently owned restaurant in the United States”. In fact, this is the place where the New York Marathon finish line is located. This event alone brings in a mammoth 10,000 guests to the restaurant on the eve of the marathon.

Originally a sheep meadow, today this place is the happening center of the Central Park. Within short walking distance from Strawberry fields, Tavern on the Green is also famous for the major celebrity weddings held here. In fact you might be lucky enough to spot a celebrity during your visit. The restaurant is also a favorite for opening night festivities of many Broadway films. Tavern on the Green has won the honor of providing the best ambiance to its visitors. The restaurant also received an Award for Excellence for its exquisite wine selections in 2003.

One of the best places to reserve your seats would be at the Crystal Room that overlooks the restaurant’s adjacent garden in Central Park. The restaurant has many other delightful rooms too, like the Crystal Pavilion, Chestnut Room, Rafters Front, Terrace Room, Terrace Pavilion, Terrace Pavilion Tent, Crystal Garden Tent, Park Room, Park Garden, and Central Park Tent. Amongst these rooms, Central Park Tent has the largest seating capacity of 1450.

The wines at Tavern are perfect beverages to carry out on your evening. The restaurant provides great details on the wine selections to help customers choose better what they like. They bring a collection of the best 100 wines from California. The restaurant provides for banquets, off-premise catering services, shopping at the Tavern store, and special drinks as well. The off-premise catering service of the restaurant promises you a truly memorable experience and the Tavern store provides you with unique merchandise that is sure to tempt you.

The restaurant gives equal attention to its cuisine section too. Since 1976, the restaurant has perfected the art of pleasing its customers to the core and it shows in the way the whole experience is presented. Even the menu differs according to the favorites of the season. So each month there is a delectable new menu. For example, in January where you get strawberries, stone crabs, Jicama, and black trumpet mushrooms, in September you will get Blueberries, tomatoes, Cod, Halibut, and American Lobster. Today Tavern on the Green can rightly claim to be acting as an exquisite host of to New York City and its visitors for over 30 years.

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