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British ex-pats and wannabe Brits have found a home away from home at Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica, California. Serving some of the best beers in town and offering up truly authentic British cuisine, Kings Head is a great little bar for those looking to relax with a pint and enjoy some down home cooking. Opened in 1974, Kings Head is a stones throw away from the crisp waters of the Pacific Ocean. Being so close to the beach, the bar has a very laid back and comfortable vibe to it; which is a welcome break from the Santa Monica traffic. This is about as close to a real English pub you can get without digging out your passport. With a good variety of beers on tap and a fantastic menu, you simply can’t go wrong.

When it comes to dining, Ye Olde Kings Head most popular dish is the fish and chips. Delicate strips of cod flown in from the North Sea are perfectly seasoned, lightly battered, and fried to a delicious crunch. The fries, sorry “chips”, are also the perfect density to go with the fish, and ensure you will plow through this meal in earnest. They also serve a traditional English breakfast, lots of savory pies, and even afternoon tea. However, as Kings Head is first and foremost a pub, most people come here for the beer. With twenty hearty brews on tap and plenty more available in bottles, you are sure to find something to slake your thirst. And what goes better with a tasty pint than football? With games broadcast from around the world, you can come in to cheer on Manchester United or Real Madrid with die hard fans like yourself. Being the ultimate in British dining and cuisine has its perks. Ye Olde Kings Head has seen many a celebrity (even the Queen herself) walk through their doors to enjoy a quick game of darts, a bite to eat, or just perhaps to catch the game.

Together with the beer and cuisine, Kings Head keeps tradition going by leaving no detail untouched in the décor. Calling themselves the “Ambassador to all things British”, the furnishings really do make you feel like you stepped from the sunny shores of southern California into the misty gray of a London morning. And once you’ve gone, the warm friendly service will definitely keep you coming back. If you’re looking for an incredible traditional English pub with awesome food and a great atmosphere, look no further than Ye Olde Kings Head.

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