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Sanssouci Palace :: Potsdam, Germany

Germany is full of amazing historical sites and the city of Potsdam is loaded with them. Sanssouci Palace, former summer home of Frederick the Great, is one of these architectural masterpieces. Often used as an example of buildings in Germany that rival the Palace of Versailles, this much smaller yet beautiful palace is built in [...]

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Loveparade :: Germany

What started in Berlin as an alternative parade for 150 peace and techno loving partiers in 1989 has grown exponentially over its 20 plus year history reaching a record 1.6 million revelers in 2008. The Love Parade (actually shortened to the one word moniker “Loveparade”) in Germany is one of the biggest and most adored [...]

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Friction Fest :: Berlin, Germany

Friction Fest in Berlin, Germany is a two day festival for music lovers who are willing to enjoy the experiment and see musicians push boundaries. The name reflects the festival mission: to create friction between different genres and styles of music. The organizers goal is to establish an international forum for bands and artists who [...]

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Baumhaus Hotel :: Germany

The Baumhaus Hotel in Görlitz, Germany allows guests to spend the night high up in 8 unique tree houses 25+ feet off the ground. Opened in 2005, it claims to be Germany’s first tree house hotel and offers travelers what is most likely to be the highlight of their vacation. All of the tree houses [...]

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Europa-Park :: Germany

With over 4 million visitors a year, Europa-Park is the most popular theme park in Germany and the most popular seasonal theme park in the world. The park is usually opens for its summer season a few days before Easter and remains open until the beginning of November; it also reopens for winter season from [...]

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Cologne Cathedral :: Germany

The Cologne Cathedral is a renowned monument of Christianity and Gothic architecture located in Cologne, Germany. Construction began in the 11th century, but due to numerous socio and political interruptions it took over 600 years to finish. It was given only a short 4 year reign as the tallest structure in the world until the [...]

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Neuschwanstein Castle :: Bavaria, Germany

One of three castles commissioned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Neuschwanstein Castle is likely the most famous castle in the world. A Germanic late Romanesque style beauty constructed in the nineteenth century, it evokes visions of Middle Age fairy tales, princesses, and grand royal balls. It is just this reason that Walt Disney chose [...]

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Propeller Island City Lodge :: Berlin, Germany

Hotels seem to all be similar these days; it’s hard to tell one from another and your experiences with them all seem to blend together. This is not the case with Propeller Island City Lodge, located in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Propeller Island is truly a distinctive, imaginative masterpiece and will make your whole [...]

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