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Places To Visit In Spain


La Boqueria :: Barcelona, Spain

Dating all the way back to the year 1217, the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria is one of Europe’s oldest and most famous public markets. Known simply as La Boqueria, this market is revered for its spectacular array of fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, seafood, and myriad of other food stalls. With an entrance on Las Ramblas, La Boqueria is a popular attraction for both Barcelona locals and visitors to the city. Read more

5 of the Most Messy Festivals in the World

August 8, 2010 by  
Category Blog

5. Winnipeg Folk Festival, Canada

This awesome outdoor music festival held in early to mid July in Birds Hill Park, Manitoba can be a truly messy festival. Although not technically part of the festival, along with enjoying a several days of music you are sure to encounter lots and lots of mud. Nearly 40 years old, you can expect some of the biggest names in Folk music each and every year. This is definitely one of those festivals you are going to want to prepare to camp out for. Aside from the music and mud there are numerous fantastic art exhibitions you will want to check out. So pack your bags and get ready to get dirty!

Winnipeg Folk Festival, Canada
Photo Source: Ryan Schultz – Flickr

  Read more

Tower of Hercules :: Galicia, Spain

August 5, 2010 by  
Category Landmarks

As the great Dan Deacon once said, “Lighthouses rule. If you don’t like the lighthouse, you suck”. This statement is all the more true when you are blessed enough to have visited the Tower of Hercules, otherwise known by its Spanish name, Torre de Hércules. Perched on a rocky peninsula on the coast of Galicia in the northwest corner of Spain, the Tower of Hercules has been safeguarding ships since the late 1st century AD. Among the more magnificent structures erected by the Roman Empire, local legend has it that Hercules cut off the head of Medusa’s grandson Geryon, buried it where he stood, and built the lighthouse as a monument to his victory. In reality, researchers have conjectured that the tower was actually designed by the architect Gaius Sevius Lupus and commissioned by Emperor Trajan in his efforts to “Romanize” the area then known as Brigantium due to its prime port location. Read more

Batalla del Vino :: Haro, Spain

June 29, 2010 by  
Category Festivals

One thing you have to know about the Spanish, they really do know how to throw a party. And for some reason they can get pretty darn messy. We already told you about “La Tomatina“, the tomato throwing festival in Buñol, Spain, but surprisingly there is an even wilder fiesta brewing about 350 miles north in the city of Haro. Here in the Rioja Region, June 29th is the Batalla del Vino or Wine Battle. Though many Spanish festivals are meant to celebrate various patron saints (June 29th is also St. Pedro’s Day) this little shin dig is anything but saintly. Whereas most people think the point of a wine festival is to get the drink IN you, here the goal is to get it ON you (well mostly). Read more

Burgos Cathedral :: Burgos, Spain

June 21, 2010 by  
Category Landmarks

Built during the early 12th century, Burgos Cathedral in Burgos, Spain is famous for its massive size and amazing Gothic architecture. Construction began on the cathedral on the orders of King Ferdinand III of Castile and Mauricio, Bishop of Burgos on July 20, 1221. After a hiatus of nearly 200 years work resumed on the cathedral toward the middle of the 15th century and continued for more than 100 years. It wasn’t fully completed until 1567, three years after the death of Michelangelo, when the lantern spire over the main crossing was added. In 1919, Burgos Cathedral became the final resting place of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (El Cid), a Castilian nobleman, military leader and diplomat who after being exiled, captured and ruled the city of Valencia in 1094. Read more

La Sagrada Familia :: Barcelona, Spain

May 4, 2010 by  
Category Landmarks

This magnificent building was the vision of legendary Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Begun in 1892, La Sagrada Familia (The Holy Family) has been more or less under continuous construction for well over a century, and is still not expected to be completed until at least 2017. Although there were several delays due to war and the loss of the original blueprints, the majority of the holdup is due to the fact that the entirety of the construction of this cathedral is founded purely on donations from the public. And with the grandiosity of the structure, both in size and design, limited funding has equaled a delayed finish line. Despite these delays, or perhaps because of them, La Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited and photographed sites in Barcelona, Spain. Undeniably, the astounding Read more

Hoopoe Yurt Hotel :: Andalucia, Spain

May 3, 2010 by  
Category Hotels

Reserve a Room at The Hoopoe Yurt Hotel in Andalucia, Spain

The Hoopoe Yurt Hotel in Andalucia, Spain combines amazing luxury with the magnificent countryside of southern Spain. Located in three hectares of olive groves and beautiful cork oak forest the hotel grounds give visitors majestic views of the Grazalema Mountains. A stay in one of their yurts (FYI yurts are felt-covered tents traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia) is the perfect way to enjoy all that nature has to offer, without giving up the usual luxuries you want when on vacation. There are plenty of ways to spend your time at the Hoopoe Yurt Hotel. Relax and unwind while you take in the sounds and sights of the nature at your doorstep. Take a nap in a hammock in the shade of a giant cork oak tree. You can even cool off by taking a dip in the hotel’s chlorine-free swimming pool while Read more

Marqués de Riscal Hotel :: Elciego, Spain

March 30, 2010 by  
Category Hotels

Reserve a Room at the Hotel Marques de Riscal in Elciego, Spain

Nestled in the mountains of northwestern Spain is a hotel that is as much a piece of breathtaking art as it is a magnificent luxury hotel. The Marqués de Riscal Hotel is located in Elciego, Spain, an amazing medieval town that sits in the heart of the Rioja wine region. Elciego, also known as “City of Wine”, is loaded with fine dining, a vivacious culture and a wonderful history to enjoy and explore during your visit. The Marqués de Riscal combines modern design and luxuries with an old traditional winery to create a unique comfortable atmosphere with amazing views of the town as well as the beautiful vineyards from any of its eight terraces. The hotel is made up of two wings that house forty three guest rooms including eleven suites as well as a variety of restaurants and leisure facilities like the Caudalíe Vinothérapie Spa. The new wing of the hotel was designed by world renowned architect Frank Gehry and is no doubt the most eye-catching element in the area. Read more

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